Released: Priyanka Chopra Opens up about her Boyfriend!



A few months ago, reports were floating that she is dating this mystery man from Los Angeles who she will soon be marrying. Since the guy likes to keep his personal life way under the scanner, nobody ever caught the two dating each other.

Now that this dusky beauty has confessed to being in a relationship, we can’t wait for her to reveal about her boyfriend as well. Priyanka who was previosuly linked with Shahrukh Khan, Aseem Merchant, Akshay Kumar, Shahid Kapoor, Harman Baweja and so on is no longer single and that is going to hurt a lot of male fans.

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This 33-year-old actress will no longer be counted along those Bollywood actresses who are in their thirties and still single and unmarried. This beauty has a lover and very soon we shall find out about it. The Times Of India announced The Times Twitter Impact List (TTIL), a first-of-its-kind list, which determines how much impact a personality has on their followers and guess which Bollywood beauty topped it in the female category, Priyanka Chopra!