Release date of ‘Shorgul’ shifted back to June 24


‘Shorgul’ which was earlier to be released on June 17 now has been decided to be released on June 24.

In a statement the producer of the film Swatantra Vijay Singh said, “We don’t want this message to be lost when an equally socially relevant film like ‘Udta Punjab’ is releasing and hence, the rescheduling, as audiences need time to relate and consume such heavy-on content thinking films.”

“Our film has a strong message that comes in the form of a wake-up call for the masses to be the change they always wanted to see. This is a film that makes us think.

Our film reinstates the gross reality of today where the voice of the common man is being manipulated to favour socio-political motives,” he added.

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This film will showcase Muzaffarnagar, Godhra, Babri Masjid riots apart from making references to bureaucratic misdoings, mind games and controversial master strokes of some high profile dignitaries.