Read what ‘Tubelight’ actress Zhu Zhu feels about Salman Khan

It has been just a few days we came to know that the Chinese actress Zhu Zhu will play Bollywood superstar Salman Khan‘s actress in Kabir Khan‘s ‘Tubelight.’

At first it was just a hint but when accidentaly Zhu Zhu shared the pic along with Salman Khan on Instagram, all the doubts were cleared.

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Zhu Zhu has a very different feeling for Salman, she said, “I am thrilled to have this chance to work with Salman. I have seen his movies and I am very charmed by his talent.”

Th Ladakh shoot of ‘Tubelight’ is already over and now the team is all set for the next shoots, and Kabir Khan is giving enough emphasis to the new actress to play her part sincerely and she too responding in a great way.

Zhu Zhu added, “Kabir is not only a brilliant filmmaker but also showcases humanity, love and lives of the ordinary people in his movies, which everyone in the world can relate to.”