Ranveer Singh looks REGAL as the Blazing Bajirao

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Yesterday again Ranveer Singh launched a new web series and a game titled – Blazing Bajirao. The unique web series is based on his character from the film and the game is also interesting. He also unveiled a 6 ft tall Bajirao statue in a warrior avatar that would be placed across all the theatres in India.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

However, what grabbed our attention is his outfit and his look. He looked STUNNING as he entered the room and we could here hooting from all corners of the room. While, he wore an outfit designed by Anju Modi, he was styled by Nitasha Gaurav.

The outfit composed of a regal cowl-neck jacket with a pathan-style turban, giving him the Bajirao look. His fun and banter kept everyone smiling and the evening very entertaining. He even took a selfie with the statue he unveiled.

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