Ranbir’s REACTION about Censor Board snipping off his kissing scenes in Tamasha!

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There were reports that Board had asked Imitaz Ali to tone down the kissing scenes in the film. Though the makers were said to have complied, others have raised up much hue and cry over this.

But the film’s leading star, Ranbir Kapoor, wishes to brush aside the issue. Unlike his too-outspoken father, Kapoor jr. often prefers to speak safe and not hurt much parties in the process. With regards to the kissing scenes being toned down, he had said (sic), “I don’t think it (The censor cuts) is about the kissing. That is again a wrong report, as the chunks that were edited, was only for certain language that was used in the film.
Imtiaz’s movies are not to titillate the audience. The issue was something else.”

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But he did have a strong opinion about the censorship in India. “But coming to censorship, I think they are being a bit radical and strict with things. So creatively, yes, we do understand the responsibility they have with the messages and social values that a film should have because cinema is an art. But having said that, there is some creativity that is hampered, as freedom is curbed by many things. Couple of people sit together and decide what should be cut and what shouldn’t be.
It’s an ongoing debate and I don’t know who is right and who is wrong. But as far asTamasha is concerned, then there were just a few abusive lines like saala and words like that which they wanted to censor.”

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