Ranbir reveals why he AVOIDED meeting Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 9

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Ranbir didn’t want to invite any trouble by meeting Kat’s ex-boyfriend on a reality show where an unpredictable Salman would’ve have easily cracked him up with his witty sense of humour! In fact, you wouldn’t believe but despite Ranbir’s absence, Salman was even heard asking Deepika why her actor is missing. To which Deepika promptly quipped saying that maybe because Salman is very happy to see only her and not her co-star! Everyone has been talking about this segment ever since! But do you know what Ranbir has to say about this whole fuss?

Well, Ranbir is pretending he is quite unfazed by it! Yes! When reporters caught him in an interview right before his trip to Delhi and quizzed him on why he didn’t visit Salman’s Bigg Boss 9, he said, “There are my personal reasons. But the team thought that Deepika going in will be more fruitful so she went yesterday and promoted the film.” Such a diplomatic way to dodge the controversial question, no? We really want to know what the personal reasons are! Can Salman and Ranbir never be friends? Why can’t Salman and Ranbir patch up like how we have Ranbir and Ranveer Singh’pretending’ to be friends of late?