Ranbir Kapoor’s rumoured GF- I am not his gf, never met him nor a fan of him


This is the final statement that came from Ranbir Kapoor’s rumoured gf Bharti Malhotra. In an exclusive interview with the Times Of India, Bharti said, “after facing this bizarre situation and going through so much stress in the last week, I don’t think I will ever even say that I like him for his work. He may be a good actor, but I have never even liked or followed him like a fan.”

This Delhi based girl did not even met Ranbir nor dating him. Just making this statement clear she said, “I did not know how to address this before.

Now it is important for me to come out and clear this confusion, to put a stop to all these reports.”

Some news reports spread this rumour and pushed her into this trouble. She said, “Last week, I got a call from a friend who asked me if I was dating Ranbir Kapoor. Like any other girl with no connection to Ranbir or even Bollywood, I thought someone was playing a prank on me. Then I got to know that I was being tagged as ‘Ranbir’s new Delhi-based girlfriend’ by a news channel.”

She was tagged as ‘mystry girl’ by some reporters and her Facebook profile pics were used to justify this.

She did not even know who started this wthout even informing her. This is indeed cheap publicity of those reporters who have used her name after spreading this rumour.

Some reports says that Bharti was introduced to Ranbir by her sister Riddhima but Bharti rubbished all these rumours and clarified that she has never met Riddhima and never met Ranbir.

Bharti has been in a steady relationship with her bf Prateek for the last three years and going to get engaged soon and she said that she was in Jaipur with Prateek not in Morocco with Ranbir.

All through these days, her bf has been very supportive to her. Now Bharti is going to take a big step to remove the private tags of her social accounts so that no one could misuse her personal photos.