Ranbir Kapoor not sure of getting married soon, check it out

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Ranbir Kapoor finally admitted that he’s in love without taking any names. No points for guessing who he was referring to other than Katrina Kaif. We were glad that he accepted something that we all knew since long. Speculations about their wedding were rife with many giving out dates. They obviously refuted all such claims about a wedding soon but it seems it isn’t off the chart yet. Ranbir hinted about marriage recently at an event that had Deepika Padukone in attendance.

You may remember, Ranbir himself added fuel to the fire by saying in an interview that they both are busy this year; so they will get married by the end of next year.
He obviously said he was misquoted in the story.

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Well, we grudgingly accepted because like Kareena Kapoor Khan, we too were pretty excited for their wedding as they look great together. But this could be good news. Talking about his past with Deepika, Ranbir said something which meant marriage is very much on the cards. “Everything that you did became all about the relationship and related to that. We were really ambitious people and we wanted to make our own identities apart from the relationships and I think that was important.

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