Rajinikanth’s Kabali shooting in Malaysian prison!


With Kabali shooting taking place in full swing, and Enthiran 2 rumours doing rounds with Rajini’s birthday around the corner, a lot is happening to keep the fans excited. After finishing the first schedule in Chennai, director Pa Ranjith and his Kabali team along with Rajinikanth are now shooting in Malaysia. Our sources tell that the superstar is currently shooting  at  Malacca prison in Malaysia. Rajini was spotted sporting a blue T shirt, which is the official prison clothing in Malaysia. This makes us wonder if he is playing a prisoner at Malacca prison in Kabali.

With Rajinikanth shooting in the country, fans thronged to airport to see him when he arrived.
We hear that fans are just waiting outside his hotel just to glimpse of their favourite superstar. A little birdie tells us that few fans managed to breach the security and had the privilege to shake hands with Rajini himself.


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