Radhika Apte Horrified After Hearing Unusual Sounds In Her Bathroom


Radhika Apte is busy in the shoot of her phychological film ‘Phobia’ which is a thriller film. Something very unusual is happening with her now a days. She has gone so deep in the character of her film that in real life also
she is thinking the same.

Recently after her shoot of her film she was very tired and rushed to her home. She started hearing some very unusual sounds when she entered her bathroom. She could understand a bit why is this happening and very much horrified.

When those very unusual sounds started raising she could not resist anymore and came out of her room, but the sounds did not end there.

But after some time she concentrated from where these sounds are coming she found those are coming from upper floor.

After that she felt relaxed, actually the people staying on the upper floor were moving their chairs and that was creating such sounds.