Priyanka Chopra’s Nauvari look in Bajirao Mastani

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Ranveer Singh plays Bajirao and Deepika Padukone plays Kashibai, Priyanka Chopra will taking on the role of the neglected spouse, Kashibai. Though I am yet to see how Sanjay Leela Bhansali has presented this love triangle (majestic, it will be, that’s for sure…but we will have to wait till December 18 to find out!), I can’t help but feel a bit of resentment for Ranveer Singh’sBajirao!

Sorry Ranveer fans, but it has nothing to do with the actor. It’s more to do with character. I mean, how can he leave such an angelic face and go for Mastani, no matter how beautiful she might be!

No idea what I am talking about? Well, let me clear it for you.

After revealing, Ranveer Singh’s look as Bajirao, the makers of Bajirao Mastani have released Priyanka Chopra’s look in the film, and Dear Lord, she looks absolutely beautiful! It’s hard not to fall in love with that angelic smile, as Priyanka looks absolutely stunning in that nauvari sari! With diyas in her hand, it really feels like Diwali has come four days earlier for her fans.
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