Priyanka Chopra makes her Hollywood debut with Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch


The actress has already made an impact in USA with ABC’s popular show Quantico. And with Baywatch, she is all set to break new grounds. We speak to our trade expert and who gave us an insight of how Baywatch will change her career forever.

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Talking about the effect of her Hollywood debut on her career, exhibitor and distributor Akshaye Rathi mentioned, “Obviously with the transition to Hollywood, Priyanka will be painting her career on a much larger canvas now. It’s not like she is not going to do anything in India now, she has done a Bajirao Mastani, she has done a Jai Gangaajal and there are going to be more films happening in India, but as an artist if you get the kind of exposure in canvas and audience, that Hollywood provides is amazing.

Hollywood gives you an outreach across the world that nobody can. An Indian artist making an impact across the globe is something to be really proud of and it is phenomenal. As long as she doesn’t forget her roots and she doesn’t entirely give up on Bollywood, everyone will benefit from her star power.”