Priyanka Chopra CRITICISED for Producing a Sleazy Bhojpuri Film

In one hand Priyanka Chopra has made the Nation proud as she represented Indian in the Global arena and in the other hand she is been criticised for producing a sleazy Bhojpuri Film Bam Bam Bol Raha Hai Kashi, starring the hit pair of Dineshlal Niarahua and Amrapali Dubey which released this Friday is facing major protests in the state.

Actually Filmmakers in Bihar are opposing Priyanka Chopra and sending her open letters for defaming the Bhojpuri Film Industry by producing a VULGAR and Obscene Film.

Director Nitin N Chandraa, a National Award winner called the film ‘extremely vulgar’ as he said ”At a time when my mother tongue Bhojpuri is fighting for its existence, Priyanka has not only defamed herself but also besmirched her Padma Shri award by producing a movie like this.”

Kunal Dutt, who runs a campaign to save the historic Dutch took to Facebook and shared these lines against Priyanka Chopra, ““ What were you thinking while producing this filthbag? I have nothing to tell you, even after this, but I want to ask fellow Biharis, will you accept your language and culture being wounded and maimed in public like this or will you stand up and be counted? Initiate a mass boycott of this film and all future films in which Priyanka stars? I am wondering if people of Kashi would stomach this or not? I wish you had sprinkled an iota of your stardust and brand on Bihar for a positive change, it would made a huge difference.

Even Bollywood has filthy item numbers which the ‘sabhya society’ of the metros also laps us as ‘mass entertainment’ but this is just plain disgusting what you have cooked in your overpriced kitchen. You, have disappointed Bihar Piggy Chops.”

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