Pratyusha’s bf Rahul shocked everybody on his 32nd Birthday

Late Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh turned 32 but this time no party. Rahul celebrated his 32nd birthday in a very different manner.

He helped the poor and needy people. The sorrow of loosing his lady love was clearly seen on his face.

Talking to reporters he said, “I wish where ever may be is she right now, return back to me or else i will be sad like this forever.”

The investigation is still going on and to this Rahul said, “My love for Pratyusha is pure and no one has the authority to point fingers on it.”

Rahul helped the poor people on his 32nd birthday because he wish some blessings from them.

A source close to Rahul said, “Rahul is in deep sorrow as he always remember Pratyusha every second, he denied to receive cakes on his birthday. When Pratyusha was alive he use to celebrate with her a lot.”