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Pratyusha’s BF Rahul: I will tell media when time will come


After doctor is suspecting that Pratyusha might be pregnant, and sent her uterus samples for test, media has tried to talk to Pratyusha’s boyfriend Rahul. Rahul is constantly avoiding the media and said that when the time will come
he will himself tell the media what is the truth behind Pratyusha’s death. Today the crime branch and the Police will interrogate with Rahul for further investigation.

Rahul’s parents are constantly saying that Pratyusha was under heavy burden of bank loans and debt that Rahul’s parents had to deposit money on the joint accoount of Pratyusha and her mother as after earning crores of rupees Pratyusha had very little left.

Postmortem reports reveals that it was a suicide but what is the reason behind police is still investigating and it will be clear when the report will come. The night when Pratyusha hang herself both Rahul and Pratyusha had a big party. Rahul’s parents are constantly saying the media and police that Rahul is innocent.
Reports reveals that both of them were completly drunk. During the funeral of Pratyusha Banerjee, her parents did not allow him to attend. Police is constantly in touch with Pratyusha’s friends for interrogation. Another news that came a while ago that Rahul is under constant depression and admitted to hospital as he is having chest pain

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