PICS: This glamorous model was tortured by her 44 year old Husband


Miss Ukraine 2013 winner Anna Zayachkivska is finally seen after a gap of almost 1 year. When she was asked where she was she revealed that she had married to a man who is 44 year old and she was regularly beaten and humilitated by her husband.

But after a lot of struggle she managed to escape from the house and registered a police complaint against her husband for inhuman behaviour against her.

Anna is currently staying with her friends in New York and when she was staying with her husband and expressed her sufferings from her husband, she was hit hard on her head.

Lets have a look at the complete career of Anna:

1. At the age of 23 she reached Milan to start her modelling career.

2. There she met a very rich businessman aged 44 years named Kervara.

3. Anna was alone in that country so she needed someone to take care of her.

4. Anna revealed that when she was invited her sister and prepared dinner for Kervara and her sister, her husband threw all the dinner sets outside.

5. She revealed that she had complained about the worst friendcircle of Kervara to her sister and with that her husband became angry and clutch the throat of Anna and threw her on the floor, Anna and her sister somehow managed to lock themselves in the bathroom throughout that night.

6. After that Anna returned back to Ukraine but than also Kervara managed to bring her back to Milan and continued torturing her.

7. One night after a heated argument, Kervara caught hold her chain so hard that she was badly injured.

8. On the very next day, Anna left a letter to Kervara that she is leaving her and left the home of her husband.

After when Anna left the place, Kervara started to play a very fealthy game against her, take a look what he did:

1. All of a sudden Anna appeared on Instagram.

2. She said that now she can live a happy life without any fear.

3. She even revealed that Kervara alleged that she had done any theft, but the truth is that she has never done anything wrong and never did anything against her husband’s will.

4. Kervara was stunned to know that Anna is in New York.

5. Anna even said that she even left her career for the man and when she left her home she left everything for the sake of her husband but in return she only got mental and physical torture.