Pakistani filmmaker: Aamir Khan’s comments maybe right about intolerance


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Raza, whose film Moor is Pakistan’s official entry to the Academy Awards this year, also said that he looked up to Aamir and was in awe of his contribution to the film industry.

“What Aamir Khan is saying about intolerance and if there is a backlash, then one has to think that maybe he is right. It is Aamir Khan who is saying this. He is one of your best. He is one of your best actors and activists and he is a hard core Indian and it is in his blood…” Raza told IANS on the sidelines of the International Film Festival of India, which is underway in Panaji.

Raza, whose film Moor is being screened at the festival, also said that he looked up to Aamir.

“We have gone through this a lot of times in Pakistan also and seeing this happen to Aamir Khan is not fair. He has given so much to the industry. I look up to him so much. It is sad,” Raza said.

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