OMG! Shirish Kunder’s ‘Kriti’ copied from Nepali short film ‘BOB’?


Director of recently released short film ‘Kriti’ has received much appreciation from the entire film industry, but just a while ago a Nepali film-maker alleged that it has been copied from his short film ‘BOB’.

However the director of ‘Kriti’ Shirish Kunder has rubbished the allegation saying that he has shot “Kriti” before “BOB” was made available for public viewing.

The Nepali film-maker named Aneel Neupane took to Facebook and made a long post highlighting about the similarities between “Kriti” and “BOB.” He even said that after he created the film in October 2015, first he had uploaded the film in Vimeo and later on May 12 2016 he uploaded it on Youtube.

While if we look at the viewers choice, ‘BOB’ has only earned 6,261 viewes till date but the viewers numbers for ‘Kriti’ crossed over 1.4 million in just one day.

Here are the two short films, ‘BOB’ and ‘Kriti’ watch these videos and you can know the difference between the two films:

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