OMG! Shah Rukh Khan calls Karan Johar a G** MA******D !


Very often filmmaker Karan Johar has been trolled on social media with different nasty names of his sexuality.

During a special intervew with Karan Johar he said, “i would wake up with some of the nasty remarks on me like ‘Gay ma******d’ of Gay or ‘Chakka’ which makes me feels very hurt.”

In a recent tweet superstar Shah Rukh Khan also passed a special remark on his dear friend Karan Johar in this way, take a look:


Earlier Karan Johar was also harassed with a very nasty remark on his sexuality by somone on twitter and here is their conversation:


It has been a very long time Karan Johar is facing the same issue again and again from his haters on social media but his replies are as usual awesome.