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OMG! Rakhi wore a ugly dress plastering Narendra Modi

The controversy queen of Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant again did a very mischievous that shocked everybody when she attended a pre-Independence party in Chicago, USA.

She wore a very cheap dress and the pic of PM of India, Narendra Modi’s imprinted on her dress and it also disgusting to note the positions of Modi’s pic where it goes.

At a recent party Rakhi wore a very low neck dress and Narendra Modi’s pic plastered all over the dress, everyody was enjoying the party, but someone noticed it and posted a video on the Youtube.

Now she is being trolled heavily and when she was asked why she did so, her reply was that she is very patriotic.

One of the FIA Chicago Trustee Mr Shareef was indeed upset with this whole lot of drama, and said, “I’m sure the Consulate General will take action on this since he has always been very particular about the roles and there is an official code of ethics. I am demanding the Consulate should take action on this, having the Prime Minister’s picture on your body in a half dress in this way just unacceptable.”

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