OMG! Priyanka Chopra took 1000 Flights in one Year



From Mumbai to Los Angeles, then Canada in a time period of 12 months Priyanka Chopra took 1000 flights. Thats really amazing. In one of her experience she shared, “always need to fill the immigration form and sometimes forget the mobile. In my kit there is always one box kept.
In that kit bag i keep blue and black pen and also coloured pencils.”

Taking about her hectic journey she said that in order to keep herself charged she drinks a lot of water, orange juice and hot coffee and on the next day in order to make a balance she drinks very little coffee.

Coming back to mumbai she always prefers to drink coconut water.

When Priyanka reaches airport she always look tip-top and fresh. She revealed that she has the habit to do black eye liner always that came from her mother.