OMG! Prachi Desai has a mere 5 mins role in Rock On 2!

In the year 2008, Rock On came with two debutant, Farhan Akhtar and Prachi Desai and the film was superhit and the storyline was simply awesome, the film received lots of appreciation.

But to a shocking notice, in the sequel, Rock On 2, Prachi Desai will have a mere 5 mins role in the film and we believe its sad to know.

The film starring Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Luke Kenny, Prachi Desai and Shraddha Kapoor is all set to hit the theatres on November 11, 2016.

In the sequel it will be shown that Farhan and Prachi have trouble in their married life and they will get separated, and this is the reason why Prachi’s role will be so short.