OMG! ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ actress Sriti Jha cheated her bf Harshad


It has been a rumour that popular television show ‘Kumkum Bhagya‘ actress Sriti Jha has cheated her then-boyfriend Harshad over her current beau Kunal.

As per the latest reports Sriti and Kunal are bombarded with questions on their relationship but the two are frequently rubbishing the rumours saying that they are just good friends and there is nothing such between them.

SpotboyE reported that the actors Kunal and Sriti Jha are indeed in a relationship and are quite serious about each other.

Oops, if all the reports are true than we are extremely sorry Harshad, but your gf has been snatched away by Kunal.

Other than that Kunal has never admitted that he and Sriti are in a relationship although few days back he was spotted partying with Sriti.