OMG! Jacqueline Fernandez a New York-based medical student, but NOT dating Arjun Kapoor?


Yes, Arjun Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez are NOT dating. In fact, she is reportedly dating a New York-based medical student, Adam Caldera. While she laughed off all the rumours surrounding her personal life, the Kick actress has kept Adam in hiding.

A source close to them reveals, “Jackie and Adam started off their modelling careers together and they have been close since she began ramp walking. In 2006, she was crowned Miss Universe Sri Lanka. After that, both moved out of Colombo to pursue their respective careers. Jacky entered Bollywood while Adam headed out Hollywood and is currently based in New York.

Recently, the two shot for three days for a jewellery brand and spent the rest of the time travelling together. They will be back in Colombo next month and will be endorsing multiple brands as a couple.”

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