OMG! Ishwari catched Sonakshi red handed in Dev’s room!

In the upcoming episode of ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi‘ something very shocking is going to happen.

Ishwari, Dev’s mother finds Sonakshi locked inside Dev’s room, and whats going to happen, read more.

In the sangeet ceremony of Neha, Dev and Sonakshi’s romance was seen clearly while both were dancing but at first Ishwari didn’t react to that and let it go.

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Sonakshi found that her anklet goes missing and said this to Dev, she at first think it will be inside Dev’s room and went inside and all of a sudden someone locked the door from outside.

Sonakshi shouts to open the door and when Ishwari opened the door she shocked to see Sonakshi inside Dev’s room.

When Ishwari asked Sonakshi why she is in Dev’s room, Sonakshi remains silent and thought what to say and lies that Rea had asked her to bring Dev’s phone.

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Sonakshi also lies to Ishwari that she could not find the phone and she is feeling very thirsty after lot of shout.

What do you think do Ishwari came to know the relationship between Dev and Sonakshi at Neha’s sangeet?