OMG ! Is that Ranbir Kapoor proposing marriage to Deepika Padukone?


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We have seen from the Tamasha trailer, is completely electrifying and they shared a romantic past together in real life! Though now they have moved on to be with other people, there are people who still wish they would get back together. So when the above pic went viral, naturally there were some excited faces around.


What exactly in the name of every Indian God is happening in that picture?

Well, if there are supporters for Ranbir-Katrina and Ranveer-Deepika jodis, you have nothing to worry about! This is a still from their upcoming film Tamasha, which has Ranbir’s character proposing to Deepika’s! Don’t know if that’s the final scene (if so, sorry for spoiling the same!), or they are just play-acting, since their characters like to be in plays.

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