OMG! Huma Qureshi skips Salman Khan’s Family Events


Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi this time skipped the family events at Salman Khan‘s Bandra residence due to the linkup rumours with Salman’s younger brother Sohail Khan.

As per reports, Sohail Khan’s wife Seema Khan feels it awkward due to the presence of Huma at any family festivals, but as we know Huma is extremely close to Arpita Khan Sharma.

As per reported by DNA, “Huma’s linkup with Salman’s brother Sohail caused a lot of misunderstandings among both the parties. It affected Seema particularly who wasn’t comfortable with Huma coming for family functions, especially as she and Sohail are on the brink of patching up.”

Huma felt disgusted of Seema’s insecurity and later tweeted, “Sohail Khan is like my elder brother.”

Huma Qureshi wanted to maintain a low profile and focused on her work so as to stop any further controversy.

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