OMG! Haryana rape victim demands Rs. 10 crore from Salman Khan!

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has landed himself in another trouble for his ‘raped’ remark and a while ago a very shocking news came from Haryana.

A gangrape victim from Hisar has filed a case against Salman Khan and demanded Rs. 10 crore for the damage she is suffering and also has asked a public apology for his remark.

According to a report published on The Times Of India, the lawyer of the rape victim stated, “My client has felt and is passing through very troublesome period of psychological trauma by heart and mind by your statement of the rape victims-like feelings in the print media and social media. Your statement dated 21-06-2016 is solely responsible for her mental and psychological degradation and she is in touch with psychiatrist for counselling.”

“Your statement dated 21-06-2016 is wrong, illegal and against the spirit of Constitution of India and you are liable for every type of civil, criminal liabilities,” added the lawyer.

Reshma (name changed) was allegedly raped by a group of 10 goons after they kidnapped her in Hisar four years ago. Reshma’s father subsequently committed suicide. Four out of the 10 accused have been sentenced with life imprisonment.

Reshma who has been working in an NGO that rehabilitates and supports other rape victims said, “How can such a prominent personality use such words. We know the pains and sufferings of rape survivor. I have lost my everything – my father and I am yet to come to the terms of trauma I have gone through. How could he take such things so lightly that too to make a rape victim a laughing stock ?”

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