Oh Wow! This is the new BMW i8 car of Shah Rukh Khan!

BMW I8-srk
Bollywood superstar is not only the King Khan but also famous to have a collection of some of the most costly luxurious cars.

Recently he purchased BMW i8 car and its cost is approximately Rs. 2 crore, thats huge na!

Just like Shah Rukh Khan other bollywood celebs also own a list of very costly cars that can’t be afforded by common men.

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Like Bollywood actors, many B-town babes too, are fascinated by expensive cars. And much like their hot avatars, their car collection is no less hot!

Bollywood hottie Deepika Padukone owns Audi Q7 and a BMW series 5 car whereas ‘Sultan’ actress Anuskha Sharma has a an upgraded version of the Rover Vogue, she already owned.

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