Never do these Mistakes When You are Having Sex With Your Partner


It is well known that cuddling is the best way to do one more time but sometimes you do some mistakes that by mistake vanishes all the sexual excitement.

As per a recent survey, “Of the women who cuddled for 6 to 10 minutes after sex, 71 percent rated their overall experience as “very pleasurable.” That’s compared to only 41 percent of the women who cuddled less.”

Below are some things which you must do to have a pleasantful sex with your partner on the bed and to make the relationship stronger:

1.Robin Milhausen, Ph.D., a professor of human sexuality at the University of Guelph said, ” post-sex intimacy was just as important to women’s pleasure as foreplay.”

“Plus, women often feel vulnerable after sex, she says. Spending a few extra minutes caressing her in bed reassures her that you care about her.”

2.Milhausen suggests, “So after your next romp, pull your partner close to you or have her rest her head on your chest.”
3.Take at least 6 minutes to play with her hair, rub her back, kiss her on the cheek or forehead, and give her a sweet compliment about how good it felt to be with her.
4.Milhausen further says, “Since cuddling leaves your partner feeling happier with your relationship, chances are she’ll feel game for more sex in the near future.”