Misery loves company, and its name is Blake Shelton


Gwen Stefani-misery

The chorus goes, “Put me out my misery, hurry up hurry up come save me. Enough enough of this suffering,” and it’s pretty clear who it is that she’s talking about that saved her! She even has sexy lines like “Out the door, I’m thinking things I’ve never felt before. Like what your love would taste like, give me more” as well as “You’re like drugs, you’re like drugs to me. I’m so in to you totally,” Yowza Gwen, way to bring the sexy!

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Gwen’s brand new album This Is What the Truth Feels Like drops March 18 and we can’t wait to hear all the rest of the songs she has in store for us! Because from what she’s put out so far, it’s some of her best work to date!