Manoj Bajpayee said Shah Rukh was born to do commercial cinema


As we all know both the Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan and Manoj Bajpayee studied acting together.

In one hand Shah Rukh Khan took the path of commercial cinema and in the other hand Manoj Bajpayee started doing unconventional films.

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When Manoj Bajpayee was asked whether he feels regret of stocking to the unconventional way, he said that Shah Rukh Khan was born to do commercial masala cinema and he was born to what he is doing.

Talking to DNA, Manoj said, “Shah Rukh was born to do commercial cinema and I was born to do what I am doing, what I am known for.

Shah Rukh has done extremely well in the category he has chosen for himself and we all are really proud of him and I really hope I keep making him proud.”

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