Make In India: This is what Shah Rukh Khan believes

The King Khan of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan in a recent convocation put force on the improvement of technology and storytelling to raise so as to make a global image that Bollywood Film Industry is also same like Hollywood in terms of technological advancement.

“We are the biggest market in the world and it will be unfortunate if our Indian products (films) don’t do well in the Indian market and cinema can get a little affected not so fast but it can get affected,” said Shah Rukh Khan when he was asked Hollywood films are besting Bollywood ones at the domestic box office.

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Shah Rukh Khan feels India is the only country in the World where local cinema has done well despite Hollywood getting a free run in our markets unlike China. He also put emphasis on the Make In India plan.

The way the censorship are done in India, to this SRK said, “Those things can’t take us back. Our storytelling has to become better technically, technologically, creatively and in terms of screenplay. We have to change with times and keep note of what youngsters want. We have 55 to 60 percent of young audience.

May be they don’t want what we showed in the 90s or 80s. So we need to keep up with that and change fast enough and not always keep on thinking that inner India likes only those kind of films while city India likes something else.”

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