London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith is a ‘Bollywood fan’ but can’t name a single film or actor


London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith

It happened a few weeks ago but has been widely shared today.

Goldsmith has tried to court the Indian community during his campaign, with leaflets like this one claiming he had celebrated Diwali and warning Labour would tax family jewellery:

@vazsingh @Kiran_R @_JasvirSingh @ZacGoldsmith did JS receive the leaflet sent to Indian

— Husain Akhtar (@husain_akhtar) March 21, 2016

To the media he said, “‘I’m a Bollywood fan so anything with a Bollywood theme I will lap it up,’ he claimed when interviewed at the Asian Awards in April.

But when asked if could name any actor or film at all, he said, incredibly awkwardly:

I wouldn’t be able to… Let me think, no, I’m not going to give you one.

I can’t think of a favourite.

I can think of.. I can’t think of a favourite.

I love almost everything about Bollywood. I love the atmosphere, the colour, the excitement, I want as much Bollywood as possbile here in London. It’s a growing part of our economy.
Welcome to the Zac Goldsmith Bollywood Hour, I’m your host, Zac Goldsmith. In today’s show, expect such Bollywood classics as ‘Bollywood’.

— Isaac Tendler (@IsaacTendler) May 1, 2016