London Fashion Week live: Day 5 Highlights


First look at Toga

Toga is taken from the true meaning of the word – “blessed robe” and Yasuko Furuta served up some truly blessed clothing this morning.

Disco meets Crayola at Ashish

Co-ordinated afros were the look of the day at Ashish last night. Make-up artist Sharon Dowsett worked her Maybelline magic with understated make-up and just a few hints of glitter on the model’s faces.

Five minuted with Jane Horrocks

The Vin + Omi show as a completely bonkers affair, made all the better by a very diminutive actress, who closed the show. Ab Fab star Jane Horrocks closed the avant-garde label’s show, and told us backstage that the designers had begged her to walk in the spectacle. Was she nervous? “No, I’m just excited about it. There’s nothing to be nervous about is it – you just have to walk up and down!”