LIVE: FAN Trailer Launch With Shah Rukh Khan



Right now at the YRF Studios, a mega launch of the trailer is shaping up. A fan-o-meter has been set up that would read the loudness of the combined hooting of the fans present there. Only after the fan-o-mete recahes a certain decibels in reading, the trailer would be launched.

Below is the live chart of whats goin on during the live show, take a look

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#8.24 Shah Rukh Khan arrives at the event

#8.34 Speaks to the media

#8:36 SRK states that no one is allowed inside without checking in at YRF.
Even actors who are shooting aren’t allowed, But this is a special day and Adi loves me and he knows my love for fans, that he allowed me to organize this event where the YRF gates are opened.

#8:40 Thanks his fans

#8:44 Thanks all the singers for singing different versions of the Jabra Fan song

#8:47 This is the first time in 25 years SRK won’t be doing his signature step in a film, says the actor himself.

#8:51 Shah Rukh reveals that director Maneesh didn’t want a song, I told him ek do item number toh rakho, but he didn’t agree and he wanted it to be different.
It has come out great and things are going to change and Manish will be a forerunner of this.

#8:55 SRK launches the Fan trailer

#9:04 He clarifies that this is not Darr’s Rahul. Says he was fortunate to have gotten to do Darr with Yash Chopra. Says that the film is about innocence and how a guy reacts when things don’t work out the way he imagined.

#9:06 Fact time: Shah Rukh’s make up in the film took 6 hours, and after practice it was narrowed down to 2-3 hours.

#9:07 The megastar answers the question of the hour. What should be the qualities a fan should have? Shah Rukh answers “Jaisa hona chahie, waisa hona chhaie. Hum kaun hote hain unko bolne ke liye. I don’t think of them as fans, but they are admirers. Sometimes it gets out of hands, but that is love too.”

#9:07 But he wouldn’t promote the above idea, or else he thinks he’d be lynched by people today over promoting madness.