Kumkum Bhagya: Eternal Love of Abhi and Pragya 2nd June Episode

The situation between Abhi and Pragya is slowly changing , its not a clear separation but its somewhat like that.

Here goes yesterday’s story, take a look:

Purab wanted to meet urgently with Abhi, he even calls him but Abhi started ignoring him and did not pick up his phone.

After some time Abhi picked up the phone and said to Purab that he will meet him on sunday as it is saturday.

When everyone met, Abhi asked Tanu where is Pragya, hearing this Tanu’s eyes filled with tears and he handed over a letter to Abhi said, Pragya has given this letter before leaving.

When Abhi started reading the letter his lips muttered, “sorry for pressuring you… sorry and thanks for everything what you had done to me… i won’t be a obstacle for you from now onwards, sorry.. goodbye.”

Reading the letter Abhi was in great pain, Tanu started shouting at him and said, “why did you let her go? why didn’t you sort out your problem?”

Pragya also wrote a letter to her mother that she is leaving Abhi and her family and she thinks she is become an obstacle for Abhi.

Abhi started crying and hoping Pragya to return as soon as possible.

Purab consoled him and said, “she will surely return back when she will feel alone without you.”

This gave Abhi a hope. Keep watching the show and stay updated.