Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th May Update


Dev is very concerned about his business rather than marriage with Ishwari. He could not find a solution to manage between marriage and business and called of the marriage in order to save his business deal.

This decision of Dev upsets Ishwari and she was just remembering her childhood days when Dev use to tell her that he would never leave her.

And here Sonakshi is unknown to the fact of Dev and while talking to Elena told her that she wants to forget Dev as he is going to marry Natasha.

After some time Dev calls Sonakshi and told her that he is having trouble marrying Natasha.

Sonakshi did not reply and told Dev that she will talk with him later.

Eelena use to talk with an unknown guy but that guy happens to be Dev’s cousin Vicky.

When Sonakshi was busy in playing game with Nikki and she was about to loose Dev comes to help her but in between this Natasha came to which Sonakshi was upset and asked her to leave.

Dev didn’t replied so Sonakshi left the place leaving Dev in disappointment.