Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: Will Sonakshi forgive Dev for his high class thinking?

Dev’s sister Neha had requested Dev to give a job to Ranveer at his office to which Dev had accepted to talk with Ranveer.

But Ranveer rejected the offer of Dev saying that its against his self respect as he wish to do something of his own.

In yesterday episode we say Dev and Sonakshi discussing about some facts of life and luxury, in which both have different opinions.

Dev is in favour of money, luxury and a rich lifestyle and Sonakshi a simple life just like a middle class family use to stay.

Sonakshi was very much disappointed to know that Dev believes in high society and his prefernce is money and luxury, she felt hurt and she left.

In the next episode we will se Dev will realise his mistake and decides to meet Sonakshi, while he was about to reach Sonakhsi’s home, again rain will start and he will stand outside Sonakshi’s house.

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Sonakshi will come out inspite of rain and scold him and say him “is he crazy”, Ishwari may bring a twist in Dev and Sonakshi’s relationship.