‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’: Ishwari to reunite Dev and Sonakshi


Good news for the fans of Dev and Sonakshi starrer popular television serial, ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’ that they will see the lovely couple unite and that too by Ishwari.

As we know that Sonakshi decides to move on in her life and she is ready for an engagement with Rithvik and on the engagement Sona sent an invitation to Dev.

After reading the invitation letter, Dev is devastated and decides to go without the consent of Ishwari and on he got drunk and visited Sona’s engagement ceremony.

Seeing Dev, Sonakshi moves towards Dev and Dev faints and lost his sense and fall.

Sona could’t control herself and rush towards Dev to make him stand.


Rithvik got stunned at Sonakshi’s move but Bejoy supprts Sona saying that for humanity she helped Dev.

Sonakshi took Dev to Ishwari Nivas where Dev confronts her mother and we see a very different side of Dev towards his mother Ishwari.


Dev lashes out at Ishwari and said that she is responsible for the cause as he loves Sonakshi a lot.

Ishwari realises her fault and finally decides to reunite Dev and Sonakshi, and approach Sona to come back to Dev as she wants Dev to be happy again like before he was.


It will be interesting to see whether Sona accepts Ishwari’s proposal or not, but we think she will as she immensly love Dev and wants to be with him.