Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: Double Trouble to come in Dev and Sonakshi’s Life after marriage


In the last episodes we have seen Dev broke the engagement of his ladylove Sonakshi with Rithvik, and later Sona managed to take him back to Ishwari Nivas.

You would be thinking that when Iswari approached Sonakshi to come back to Dev’s life, as Sonakshi immensly love Dev can’t reject the offer.

But in the later half we will see, Ishwari would be thinking that after marriage her son would be away from her and the reason would be Sonakshi.


If the marriage of Sonakshi and Dev is on the cards, then as per latest reports, there will be double trouble in the life of Sona and Dev after marriage.

Radha Mami in one hand does interfere in the family matters of Ishwari and in the other hand the wrong judgement of Ishwari towards her son Dev and Sonakshi.

The show would be quite interesting to watch in the coming episodes.

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