Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: 7th June Episode

While Dev is in his office Sonakshi came and gave him water and then Dev tells her that he will do the meeting tomorrow, hearing this Sonakshi left.

Natasha came in to meet Dev and asked him whether is is having any problem or else she will talk to her father, to this Dev replied that there is no problem.

While Natasha was about to leave she said to Dev that he is very understanding.

On the other hand Sonakshi is very upset after hearing the engagement of Dev with Natasha, and shared her grief with Elena.

Elena suggested her to express her love to Dev as soon as possible so that Dev will break the engagement with Natasha and get engaged with her.

Sonakshi replied that she will not confess her love to Dev as she thinks Dev has no feelings for her, otherwise why should he said yes to the engagement with Natasha.

In the meantime Dev meets Neha and asked whether she loves Ranveer, to this Neha said yes. When Neha asked him why is asking so. To this Dev replied that he don’t know if he loves Natasha or not.

Something more interesting is yet to come in the next episode.