KTR dumps ‘Janatha Garage’ as NTR had skipped ‘Harita Haaram’


This would be a blow to Tollywood superstar NTR‘s film ‘Janatha Garage’ as KTR have refused to lend any sort of assistance to Janatha Garage which reportedy is slated to have worldwide release on 2nd September.

As per the reports by a close source close to the sets of the film, KTR has refused to watch ‘Janatha Garage’ and the reason would probably be a few months back NTR had not participated a campaign named as ‘Harita Haaram.’

NTR knew earlier that ‘Janatha Garage’ has the same theme as ‘Harita Haaram’ and with the involvement of KTR, it would be fruitful for the film but now it seems its not at all possible.