Kim Kardashian has been defaced in Australia



An artist in Australia named Mark Walls – who goes by “lushsux” on Instagram – had a different reaction to Kim going nude once again. He recreated Kardashian’s bare pose via 30-foot tall, three-story high mural on the side of a building.

After few days of its completion, this unusual piece of art was defaced and destroyed by the locals.  Someone drew a penis on the mural, along with the word “SLUT.” “Andddd this is why we can’t have nice things,” Walls wrote as a caption to the following photo, which depicts the X-rated graffiti.


“No leads on who did it, but a local council member did happen to come and inform the owner of the building he had received a volume of complaints, mostly due to the word ‘SLUT’ sprayed across the mural,” Walls has said of the act.

Soon after critics came out in force against her penchant for showing off her nude body, Kardshian went on the offensive.