Kim Banning Kanye West From Talking to Rihanna?


According to Radar Online, Kanye isn’t even allowed to talk to Rihanna anymore because of Kim’s intense jealousy over their cloe friendship. Each and every time Rihanna is on the scene Kim gets jealous and threatened,” says one insider, “It’s unbearable for all concerned.”

The source adds that while Yeezy and RiRi “have a very close bond” and sometimes “flirt around each other a lot,” Kim’s suspicions are unwarranted, as their relationship is purely platonic.

As for the occasional flirting, the source says that’s just West’s way, and Kim should be used to it by now.
“This is just how Kanye is with everyone,” says the insider. Kim, of course, is not the first celebrity spouse to fear that Rihanna would move in on her man.