Khloe is jealous over Rob and Lamar Odom’s bond!

The Kardashians girl Khloe Kardashian is super close to her brother Rob Kardashian and after he proposed to Blac Chyna and after her pregnancy reports came Khloe tried her level best to keep her bond with Rob.

And now shockingly when Lamar Odom asked for a hangout with Rob Kardashian, he quickly agreed. This made Khloe so much jealous over the friendship of Rob with Lamar Odom.

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She said, “I am really surprised that Rob answered the call because event though Lamar’s calling him, it’s from my phone.

It does make me smile, because at least I know he’s finally going to answer one of my phone calls.”

“I have always loved Lamar and Rob’s relationship and bond, and I want them to hang out. But I still want my time with Rob,” she added.

Now watch this video of the conversation going on between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom:

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