Katrina Kaif & Ranbir Kapoor to have three romantic songs in Jagga Jasoos!


The latest rumours surrounding the film are that it is shelved. Anurag categorically denies that and reveals it will be completed in three months, next year.

Says the director, “I start shooting for Jagga Jasoos from December 20, go into January next year and hope to wrap the film by March 5. Ranbir and Katrina will shoot with us from January and then Katrina gets into Fitoor promotions in February and joins us back end of Feb. We have shot 50 per cent of the film so how and why should we shelve it? The reason almost 50 per cent of the shooting has been left for the last schedule is because I didn’t want the film to look dated.
Or else we will have to reshoot which I don’t want. We plan to release post May.”


About most of the film being reshot, he says, “I have reshot just five days because there was a gap of seven months between the first and second schedule and those five days were looking stale to me. I have not changed the story film. In today’s times, we are getting technically so advanced every day that I don’t want to lag behind. And reshooting is nothing new. I keep doing this. I did it even in Barfi!. I reshot a bit of the first schedule as it was looking stale.
I want to sit on editing objectively.”

Another reason Anurag wants to shoot in January is that he wants Ranbir to be in shape. “He is not completely free in December and I want him go back in shape by January and he has told me he will be ready by the first week of January. We will shoot scenes and three romantic songs on Ranbir and Katrina. The film is a musical.”

Why these constant rumours of the film getting shelved? “When I started I knew this was going to happen as Ranbir was committed to Bombay Velvet and Tamasha before Jagga. He’s very clear and committed to his films and when they should start and be completed. I am on schedule and no regrets whatsoever.”

How is the actor as a a producer? “I don’t see any paradigm shift in him as a producer. Ranbir is a very caring guy. Sometimes, he remembers that he is a producer and takes care of everybody on his team. His hospitality is tremendous. He likes to make everybody feel comfortable. It happened in Barfi! too. Ranbir feels he’s part of the unit and doesn’t come across an actor on the sets.