Katrina Kaif is paying a huge price post split with Ranbir Kapoor


Ever since she has parted ways with Ranbir and the proof lies right here in mutual friend Aarti Shetty’s birthday bash which was held recently. While Ranbir was invited. It’s been said that Katrina who was equally close to Aarti, was deliberately dropped out from the guest list to avoid any controversy. Can you believe it? Now how bad is the scenario between the couple at the moment? Is it like Katrina has no friends in the B-town now?

No wonder Ms Kaif is warming up to ex-boyfriend Salman Khan of late. For all that we know, Salman has remained as this constant strength in Kat’s life where even today he’s reportedly helping her out by giving valuable suggestions professionally as well as personally. But coming back to Ranbir and gang, it’s really sad.

That too if you consider Aarti Shetty’s party, Katrina was very much in the city, yet wasn’t being invited. Now you would be really foolish if you don’t get the understanding of this. It’s clearly a proof that either Ranbir has asked all his common friends to stay away from Katrina or his friends support Ranbir more than Ms Kaif in the whole break-up fuss.