Kareena Kapoor Khan: Sanjay Dutt looks amazing


“Of course, we are all very happy. I saw a picture someone showed me, and he is looking absolutely amazing. We’re really looking forward to seeing Sanjuji back on the big screen because I’m a big fan of Sanjay Dutt,” said Kareena as an ambassador at the launch of Magnum Brownie flavour of the Magnum ice-cream.
While Kareena and Sanjay only acted in ‘LOC Kargil’, her sister Karisma has starred in a numerous movies with him.
Sanjay served his term for illegal possession of arms, for which he was charged under the Arms Act and given a five-year sentence.

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Post his release, Sanjay Dutt was greeted with a great response by his fans. The industry too conveyed its feelings and welcomed Sanjay. About the chocolate ice-cream brand and its new flavour, Kareena said: “I’m a chocolate girl, there’s something about chocolate that is extremely stylish. I love chocolate, and most girls like to be pampered with it, especially a chocolate brownie ice-cream.” “Once in a while to indulge, there is nothing wrong, it uplifts your mood, it is good for the skin and especially for the heart,” the actress said. “During school days, I would eat an ice-cream before reaching home from school.

My mom would never allow me to eat it. Without telling mom, I’d keep my pocket money to buy an ice-cream, gobble it in the building before coming up in the lift,” she said.

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