Kareena Kapoor Khan next in a psychological thriller film

Kareena Kapoor Khan will be starring in a psychological thriller based on a popular book too? Well that’s just wishful thinking from my side so don’t get excited just yet! Bebo was recently spotted at the airport, carrying a book in her hand.


The name of the novel is ‘The Stone Cutter,’ which is written by popular Swedish author Camilla Läckberg and translated by Steven T. Murray. The novel is a psychological thriller which involves a stone cutter from the era of 1920s, who falls for his boss’ daughter!

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Now wouldn’t that make for an awesome Bollywood movie? The story of this novel has a psychological plot for a reason so I won’t give the punch away. Imagine if Bebo could essay the role of the daughter who the stone cutter falls for…interesting right? Well I’m merely shooting in the dark and playing a guessing game.